Bentley & Romito Professional Music Lesson Programs

Band Placement

This program is to help students find musicians with compatible musical interests and playing ability. Let us know what style of music you enjoy playing, what grade you’re in, and which school district that you attend. We will work to match you up with other students and get you on your way to playing in a band!

Band Coaching

Students will be guided in what it means to play in a band. Students will learn song structure, stage volume vs. audience volume, stage presence, band promotion, and more. Bands that participate will be able to play in concerts set up by Bentley & Romito Professional Music Lessons so that students can perform in front of family and friends. Band coaching sessions will be one hour long, twice a month at Main Street Music in the Ensemble Room. Cost of band coaching is $50 / month.

Jazz Ensembles

Discover the joy of playing America’s Music with friends. Students learn what it means to play in an ensemble and are given an opportunity to develop their improvisational skills. The Jazz Ensembles will meet for one hour twice a month at Main Street Music in the Ensemble Room. Cost of Jazz Ensemble is $50 / month.

Guitar Ensembles
An orchestra of guitars! Students are teamed up with guitarist of similar skill, and then play pop, rock, and jazz songs in an ensemble setting. Students will read and play single lines which combine to form a rockin’ guitar arrangement of various tunes. There will be both beginner and advance level Guitar Ensembles. Students will be placed in the appropriate ensemble based on the ability to read music and improvise. The Guitar Ensembles will rehearse for one hour, twice a month at Main Street Music in the Ensemble Room. Cost of Guitar Ensemble is $50 / month.

Guitar Strap Program
Bentley and Romito have drafted a guitar program to lead beginner guitarists to become complete guitar players. The program focuses on rhythm playing, reading music, improvisation and ear training while touching on the many intricacies of playing the guitar. Students are given a white guitar strap when then begin their studies, and move up through various colors until they earn the black guitar strap. At certain points, students will test before their teachings to prove that they are ready to move up to the next strap level. Graduation recitals will be held every four months to celebrate the students’ progress. Cost of the Guitar Strap Program is free.